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Formal Shirts

Qualities of a White Shirt

Ever since old times, it has always been the colors that have made a drastic impact on everything. Even our eyes are naturally attracted to vivid colors. This law may be true for nature. But when it comes to clothing, you cannot just wear anything that comes in front of you. Sometimes, you have to see for what occasion you are wearing, and most importantly what age are you. Dressing holds a lot of meaning in telling about the personality of an individual. It is also not only about the dressing,... Read More
Formal Shirts

Formal Shirts Collection

These days it has become a trend in the country to wear formal shirts even in the events that are not so formal. As wearing formal shirts give one a very decent look and everyone especially men, always want to appear as sober as they can because it reflects the hidden parts of their personality and it helps in making them a deeper impact on people around them even if they avoid conversation or are just not too much talkative. As it is a perception nowadays that looks tell a lot about your... Read More
Formal Shirts

Online Shopping Trend in 2020

All-around the world in this new century of high-tech technology everything now revolves around clicks. Online shopping is one of the best examples to demonstrate the latest trends and facts using advanced technology and its benefits.   From every little purpose usage accessory to major use equipment, everything is just a click away from everyone. We just need to explore our desired objects online and fortunately, by the luck of this new era, we would find everything on the internet.... Read More
Formal Shirts

The Ultimate Dress Shirts

Men are also involved in adopting some styles and dress up according to the requirement as they also like to do styling like women. Women are famous all around the globe due to their fashion, makeup, and dresses. However, it all depends upon one’s interest.   Furthermore, for men styling comes from a variety of shirts that they can avail in many ways to carry the required style as per the need. The most common variety among men is the dress shirts. It is suitable for all age groups... Read More
Eastern Wear

Introduction to Eastern Wear

TheCress is an outstanding online clothes shopping platform for men. We offer both eastern and western wear and choose the best of the fabrics with excellent and premium quality materials that will be suitable for all the seasons. We aim to provide the ultimate quality service regarding product quality, product hygiene, product delivery, and time management to meet the needs of every individual client. Our highly skilled and professional staff members do keen hard work, give their best efforts,... Read More