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Clothing Brand In Pakistan 

The western culture & heritage is being spread & becoming a fashion in our life now a days. Becoming a part of our culture so why not for ourselves also? At every occasion, you are defined first not by your behavior but by the way you dressed up yourself to be like a gentleman. ABOUT US: The is one of the most prominent & well-known clothing brands in Pakistan, dealing in men’s variety of clothes. The main motto with which our brand was started was because of giving... Read More
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Shop for Shirts Online 

There are just too many shirts in the market that one can opt to wear. But there is still a dearth of quality shirts, and therefore you have to search a lot to find that right shirt that fulfills your criteria, but unfortunately, this doesn’t happen so easily. You can see online marketplaces are flooded with thousands of choices to make, and still, you would seldom see something worth buying if you have some sense of identifying the quality. The Cress has always emphasized the need to... Read More
Formal Shirts
Formal Shirts

How to choose the ideal shirt 

Before you go to buy a shirt, first know what kind do you require? Either a T-shirt or a dress shirt. For a T-shirt the rule is very simple, you just choose the one that covers all the sufficient areas over you, and then you are good to go. In the case of a dress shirt, things become pretty complex because you need to consider several factors. Like the shirt needs to be of premium fabric and it should fit nice over you (no loose ends). Also, collars and cuffs should be stiff. If a shirt lacks... Read More
Formal Shirt
Formal Shirts

Types of shirts every man should wear 

Shirts are what give men the personality they deserve. If the wrong selection is made then all the personality is destroyed within seconds. So there has to be some kind of model for men so they can have some sense on what kind of shirts to wear. This blog is all about shedding the light on this hot topic so whoever reads this, shouldn’t be needing to extract information from elsewhere. The shirts you really need to know about are: Oxford Button-Down Shirt This design was made by... Read More
Formal Shirts
Formal Shirts

How to know trendy fashion of men’s wear 

Getting dressed up in a way that highlights your personality and helps enhance your look. Choosing your dressing according to the trends is always a difficult thing to do because fashion industry always keeps changing, so you have to keep yourself open towards trend in order to be classy and up to date. Most formal wear for men comes in the colors of black and white. Especially when worn with the suit. The pretty non-active colors like light brown, camel and navy blue are in trend right now.... Read More