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Simple check shirts are not the ones that will set the tone for check shirt fashion. There have to be some edibles that will make them look attractive, as is the case with eating items, a simple food dish transforms into a really tasty one which tastes great to the tongue. When you eat that once then you want to buy it another time to experience it more. Same is the case with the shirts, and every time you would want to buy check shirts of different quality and color because you simply... Read More
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Stripe and Check Dress Shirts- Color and Contrast 

It is surprising to know that there are a good number of men shirt styles and it is up to them to adopt any which goes well with their personality. This also makes it easier for them to study themselves in detail. The most popular styles among them are checks and stripes. Stripes and check designs are considered as a vital part of a dress shirt. A plain dress shirt is a decent choice but you cannot wear it everywhere. One needs a change and so this change is seen in this way. Stripes add extra... Read More
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Six Types of Shirts Every Man Should Own 

It is a sign of disorganization that you got too many shirts in your wardrobe and still doesn’t find a perfect combination for them to wear. By letting the shirts staying there it only adds up to the mess. It also consumes more of your time in spotting the shirt that you want to wear from many lying purposelessly. There got to be a limitation so you can save both your time and energies especially when you have little time to get ready to go to the office or attend an event. If you find... Read More