A formal shirt

The Cress is online leading clothing store for men’s wear in Pakistan, we offer best quality in pure cotton with elegant and classy design dress shirts, formal shirt and kurta pajama stitch and unstitched all over Pakistan.

The most stylish and classy thing to be find in man’s wardrobe would be a formal shirt, dress shirt plays an essential part in man’s life in all over world , it the most decent style to wear for man choice. There is vast variety in shirts for man you can find on internet like:

Even now Sando and hoodies are in style or new fashion for man’s now, but the look formal shirt provides cannot be match by other dress because it create the ever-lasting statement for man.

Wearing right formal shirt make a lot of change in person look and personality so it should be in super prior fabric with perfect cut and fitting to make best choice to make for dressing. There are two main categories now in shirts that are mostly in use.

  1. Slim-fit formal shirt
  2. Regular-fit formal shirt

 About Slim-fit formal shirt :

 It’s according to person physics and crescent curves to make body shape more visible and stretchable material mix in cotton make person comfortable throughout period he wear it.

  • About Regular-fit formal shirt:

It’s according to person easy comfortable style mostly use for casual wear without looking slack.

Before choosing for both you need to see the size chart to get perfect look and according to your need.

It does not matter what time it is in day for man to wear formal shirt it provides a effortless office style, no matter how much cool, muscular, fake tan looks a person got when it comes to meeting or normal for work day formal shirt play a good role in it.  

What makes formal shirt so important in man’s life

Comfortable fabric

Cress shirt fabric is made of pure cotton which provide comfort to skin and breathable feeling for body, it does not make person uneasy with extra stiffness.

 Provide a good confidence

Decent shirt and good choice in dressing make a lot effort in confidence of personality, it make a person to walk confidently around people and gives you pump to work confidently and makes you feel good to yourself that you take extra mile to dress up well and not to mention people take noticing little changes in person changes not only by your word but by your personality, cress provides that confidence in its wear so you choose what is best for you.

Impression is important

People always says quotes like “looks does not matter” or “never judge a book by its cover” but it’s not true at some point in life, like when you need to go for interview and for first day for office even for project presentation in academic events, you can’t visit there in casual T-shirt and trouser, you need to be look presentable for it. Wearing formal represents a personality and impression along itself.

Formal shirt is an elementary piece that can be distinctly appealing for viewer; here are few variation of shirt to style up for new that cress gives you to choose in its option.

  • Classic and plain white shirt:

Plain white formal dress shirt never gets old to give a real classy look and a boost to be unique presentable person in any occasion. It can be worn on denim jeans or dress pant both makes better looks, even black plain trouser gives cool looks. A plain white formal shirt is must to be in mans wardrobe.

  • Printed shirts:

 Mostly give a cool relaxing vibes to wear for vacation mood and for beach look, however there several prints can be used as formal under coats to give funky look for young age mostly.

  • Strips and check:

Used mostly for formal dinner and casual wear, it’s subtle to wear as classic suit clothing. Stripes and checks Formal Shirts for Men when matched with plain tweeds or formal pants are a phenomenal blend. You can utilize it as day wear or night wear and even to formal meals and occasions. It is an unobtrusive method to add energy to the exemplary suit style dress.

  • Cuffed style:

The cuffed styled shirts are best worn with tuxedos and formal suits. In any case, the advanced style world has thought of a few imaginative methods of wearing them. The French sleeve immediately lifts a noble man's clothing with giving accents at the perfect spot. Without a doubt, this contemporary allure will never leave design.

Regardless of what style of shirt suits on your body, you will be worried for its fitting. Thin fits Formal Shirts for Men are unmistakably for individuals who have the ideal body cut. In any case, a free shirt which is taken care of is consistently keen for ordinary office wear. Regardless of what you wear, should start things out with regards to Formal Shirts for Men