The Cress is online leading clothing store for men’s wear in Pakistan, we offer best quality in pure cotton with elegant and classy design dress shirts and kurta pajama stitch and unstitched all over Pakistan.

Pakistan is well known for its traditional clothing, food, its culture and the life style, kurta pajama is traditional wear for man in Pakistan or all over world for Pakistani, it gives the classy impression.

Kurta pajama is not only for casual, it can also worn for occasions and events, if you are looking for elegant and decent casual or formal kurta pajama suit we are here to help you out, Cress offer the best option for you.

Cress is well known for its:

  • Decent look
  • Styles
  • Color
  • Best Quality

Cress clothing is made up of very fine 100% cotton quality and we offer what is best for our valuable clients and we don’t compromise on quality that is what we do to make sure our clients do not face any difficulty in finding their best option here, the best thing about kurta pajama for men’s wear is you can style them up and can style them down according to your choice and need, they are just not limited for parties and occasion you can use it for regular wear and even for office as its common practice in Pakistan.

Kurta pajama for casual styling

For traveling : when you think for traveling , some people prefer to go for something comfortable plus stylish then the best option is kurta and loose pajama so you won’t feel uncomfortable in your journey.

Kurta pajamas are:

  • Best for movement
  • Easy to carry
  • Cool and soft stuff for long time wear
  • Not harmful for skin

For night wear:

Normal T-shirt and trouser make person not much easy as compare to kurta pajama cause of their suffocate neckline and it can make person feel warm and sweaty where as pure cotton kurta are soft  for sleep wear specially in hot weather.

Size/ length and stitching:

When buying kurta pajama do consider the accurate size and length specially in online purchasing, make sure you look through our website size chart and select right option to avoid any hurdle. Cause in kurta pajama if you set loose size it’s going to ruin your whole look, if you select from slim fit category do consider perfect size which make your look in perfect lean body cause slim fit clothing is for giving a perfect muscles cuts look for you with its fine fabric technique.

Kurta pajama party/ wedding wear:

 Cress designs its kurta pajama with so perfection that makes you to choose it for your party events to rock party with minimum effort and be in stylish look.

  • Tight fitting:

Well for events you need to compromise for little comfortable cause, event look should be more discipline for your sitting and walking style, you have to sacrifice loose things for better appearance.

  • olor choice:

Cress clothing colors are so fine and decent so you can easily wear them for night and day events.

  • A little change:

You can be little creative in your fashion, Cress kurta’s can be wear on jeans and trouser as per you choice.

  • Choice of shoes and accessories:

If you are dressing as in traditional look then for real traditional khussa, kheri, sandals and if wearing jeans then go for cuff boots and loafers. You can add embodied waistcoat for more party look over kurta.

Kurta pajama are beautiful ethnic wear for Men so they should be choose from best that suits their looks and need, you can buy your best option from The Cress kurta pajama design online store, we offer accurate size , stitched and unstitched in best prices and attractive sales ,so you can’t resist  to purchase.