blue & white thin stripe designer shirt

SKU : RMS-0057

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  • Full Sleeves
  • French Collar
  • Single Round Cuff
  • Cotton Fabric
  • Premium Quality
  • Regular And Slim Fit
  • Easy Iron


Shopping for men’s formal shirts at Cress

Do you have no clue what to wear if you are attending a wedding, attending a formal meeting, or going for an evening dinner and do not know what to wear? As you know, it doesn't matter how expensively dressed you are, as long as the clothing you are wearing suits and fits you properly.

Whether you want to buy formal shirts online or in our stores, you will find a wide range of options that will surely wow you. Cress has the best formal shirts for men in a variety of cuts, prints, and colors.

We constantly look out for what's next, try new things, and improve our offerings to be the best version of ourselves and our community. Our team is made up of smart, honest, and hardworking individuals who believe in growth. Meeting and exceeding expectations is our goal. We'll fix anything that goes wrong. 

Men's formal shirts: Things to consider

To find any item related to men's then Cress is the best store for you to visit if you are looking for any items related to men's. It is because we believe in celebrating men's fashion and we have created an exclusive retail space right for them to do so. On the site, you will be able to find every type of latest fashion product for men - from different Colin shades, shapes, patterns, and sizes - according to the latest trends in men's fashion. We have designed our website in such a way that browsing it is a pleasant experience. It is only here that different products are correctly labeled and each major segment is further subdivided into smaller segments. As a result of this easy-to-understand layout, it is a lot easier to search for any item you are looking for. Furthermore, we offer new customers a one-time flat discount of 20 percent on all non-discounted items when they shop at Cress for the first time, so that they can have an enjoyable shopping experience during their first visit.

Cress - Your Destination for Trending Shirts for Men

It is everyone's right to look and feel their best in soft, beautifully designed clothing. Our clothing is timeless and can be worn year after year, which is why we design it with everyday wear in mind. 

If you're looking for a thin stripe shirt that will make a lasting impression, then look no further than Cress. There is a wide variety of options available when it comes to thin striped shirts, blue and white stripe designer shirts, solid shirts, denim shirts, and patterned shirts. We carefully craft all of our products to make sure that they feel soft on the skin and that they keep you feeling fresh all day long. Get your hands on the latest Cress shirts for men with just a few clicks today, and you'll have them delivered to your doorstep within a week from the time you place your order.



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