blue dot check shirt

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  • Full Sleeves
  • French Collar
  • Single Round Cuff
  • Cotton Fabric
  • Premium Quality
  • Regular And Slim Fit
  • Easy Iron


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Dotted and check shirts

For further options in the dotted shirts category, you can choose if you want it in plain or printed designs. In plain design white formal dotted shirt is a hot piece as it can go with your jeans, khaki colored pants, and also your dress pants. Blue dot check shirts and check shirts with dots are also available in full sleeves. It is also possible to find striped shirts that will make you look super cool and handsome as well. You will find several shirts available in a printed design to choose from, including diamond shapes, polka dots, and other simple prints. It seems that many men have also started to experiment with new colors when it comes to shirts. Pink is mostly associated with women, but many men have started wearing pink dress shirts which are also available in our stores.

The majority of men tend to buy formal shirts for men on a yearly basis rather than depending on the seasons, which is one of the reasons why these formal shirts are so suited for any season. It is a versatile clothing item that can be worn both in summer and in winter. Of course, in winter, a sweater becomes a must, and you can find it at our online store. To provide you with the best formal shirt brands in Pakistan, breathable materials have been used to craft the shirts to meet your needs.


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