classic french gray button down shirt

SKU : RMS-0063

Rs.1,800 Rs.2,600



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  • Full Sleeves
  • Normal Collar
  • Single Round Cuff
  • 100% Cotton Fabric
  • Premium Quality
  • Regular And Slim Fit
  • Easy Iron


The Cress: Men's Fashion Brand

Do you like dressing up, but all major clothing brands sell shirts at actually high prices? Then you are not familiar with our brand? The Cress offers its customers a new era of class and a decent look at low and affordable prices. We are at the top of the list of the most dependable and affordable clothing brands in Pakistan, and we also update designs of shirts like formal down button shirts without increasing prices.

Every brand throws the word ‘quality,’ but no one knows what the quality is. Our brand knows the meaning of quality and knows how quality is maintained. Quality is all about fabric and construction. We guide you about formal button-down, classic French grey, and formal grey shirts in our physical and online stores. The quality, stitching, fiber, and light-weightiness of our garment make us different and superior to other brands by providing our customers with distinguished stuff.

Sturdy and ideal for stitching

When we flip the shirt from the inside out, it should see the same. It will tell you about the fine stitching of the shirt, and only good branded shirts are well stitched. No loose threads, no chain stitch, great tension stitch, and high stitch per inch count should be the center of attention for the customers before buying any shirt. We educate our customers about all these things about the quality and texture. We are confident about our work, and we want our customers to find errors in our work if we lag in any field of making branded clothes.

Oversized box shirts that fit everyone can be made at lower prices, but these shirts deteriorate fashion. We deal in great tailored fit shirts of high quality that take high expertise and experience. It doesn't matter how good the fiber is and how perfect the stitching is, if the shirt doesn't fit well, you will not enjoy it.


Reasonable price


The myth is that the higher the price, the higher the quality. Our brand clears this misconception by preparing and delivering high-quality staff at low prices. You can buy dress shirts online on our website at affordable prices. You can visit our website and see men’s formal shirts. Classic French grey shirts and other formal shirts for men in Pakistan contribute to the drive more sales for any brand, and we succeeded in achieving attention from targeted audiences by providing them with distinguished stuff.

Final Verdict

The Cress is the only brand that can assist customers in every way. Following are the features of our brand which show our loyalty and determination.


Rating: 5.0